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Nov 6 2016, 08:28 (253 w, 5 d)

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Aug 4 2021

jbw added a comment to T155: apt-file reports that the cache is empty.

What I'm wondering is: why isn't the necessary data automatically generated at package build time and included as a file (perhaps named PACKAGE.contents) in the .deb file? Then to build the Contents file for a repo would just involve scanning through all the .deb files and extracting the .contents file from each and then concatenating them. I don't understand the Debian package build system well enough to know why it doesn't work this way.

Aug 4 2021, 13:42
jbw added a comment to T638: should deliver Contents files to apt.

[Update: I now see that this is T155. Possibly this should be marked as a duplicate of that? I don't yet know how to do that.]

Aug 4 2021, 13:02 · Restricted Project