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nuitka : Depends: base-files (>= 11) but 10.1pureos7 is installed
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The title says it all: "nuitka : Depends: base-files (>= 11) but 10.1pureos7 is installed"

This is because nuitka has this line in its control file: "Depends: ..., bases-files (>=11), ..."

The only version of base-files available in PureOS byzantium is 10.1pureos7, so there is no way to satisfy the dependency on at least version 11.

If I try sudo aptitude install nuitka I get the above message and aptitude helpfully suggests that it will uninstall the base-files package to allow the installation to proceed. Not sure how badly that would mess my system up.

My best guess is that the special PureOS base-files version 10.1pureos7 needs to be updated to become version 11pureos1?

Note that nuitka is a very new package.

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