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archive: need a way to have -dbgsym packages
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in ci we have debug symbol packages which helps a lot when looking for crashes. this is currently not available in amber-phone, would be great to get it there as well so we can debug user problems easier.

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guido created this task.Dec 4 2019, 10:40
guido added a comment.Dec 15 2019, 05:28

on there's dbgsym packages for amber, amber-phone-staging and amber-proposed-upates so if the versions in amber-phone / amber-updates are the same we can work around things by using these.

jeremiah.foster assigned this task to mak.Dec 16 2019, 07:39
jeremiah.foster triaged this task as High priority.
guido added a comment.Apr 29 2020, 07:13

dbgsym packages for amber-phone-staging do work now via

deb amber-phone-staging-debug main

that is great! If we could enable this for amber-phone as well that would be cool since then

  • we can reenable our debug metapackage
  • it's safer for users to have this enabled
guido added a comment.Apr 29 2020, 07:30

a an issue that remains is that we don't have debug packages for regular pureos-amber. This can often be helped by using the ones from Debian but not always when e.g. pureos lacks a bit behind. This makes it unsafe to enable by default.

Maneth added a subscriber: Maneth.Jul 30 2020, 14:26
guido added a comment.Oct 13 2020, 01:34

Would still be awesome to have since this limits debugability considerably (people need to fetch packages from CI or Debian to get usable back traces for software we develop) - but maybe these packages are there and i dont know where?

mak added a comment.Oct 13 2020, 11:21

Those packages are available, but only for the latest builds of the development version of PureOS and only for the ones we rebuilt ourselves:
Anything else would require mirroring the debug packages from Debian, and we do not have the disk space for that, currently.

@mak how much disk space would that be ? @jeremiah.foster @nicole can you get us the necessary disk space?

nicole added a comment.Oct 14 2020, 02:08

That's a matter for the sys team. We would need to know how much more space would be needed, how much is available at the hosting site right now and if we require more, how much extra cost this would involve. If this is a matter of just reconfiguring something then sys team can handle this, if it requires something that increases cost please let me know the amount and I will try to get the budget.


So from a quick check it looks like /dev/md3 is the disk that holds our repos;
/dev/md3 1.8T 822G 919G 48% /srv

It looks about half-full at the moment.

@mak Do we need another terrabyte?

FWIW Linode provides 250 Gigs for $5 a month. We could get a Terrabyte with them of web addressable storage for USD 20 per month ($240 per year).

nicole added a comment.Oct 16 2020, 03:15

Hmm... sounds a tad expensive to me? Are the other servers located at Hetzner still? Then having storage within their net will be way faster and they also offer pure storage boxes:

mak added a comment.Sep 8 2021, 08:57

We could probably have debug symbols packages for our self-built packages with a bit more space (the dbgsym packages are *insanely* huge, they dwarf the size of the actual archive), but for the full archive, so syncing the debug symbols from Debian to make them available easily in PureOS, we'd need quite a lot of space (I need to look at Debian to actually give a - then very good - estimate).
At time, PureOS holds dbgsym packages for everything that we have built in the landing suite, but byzantium doesn't have own debug symbols. You can however use the ones from landing, which are either equal to the versions in byzantium, or newer.

jbw added a subscriber: jbw.EditedJan 27 2022, 03:12

can someone who knows what they are doing add step-by-step instructions (perhaps on the pureos wiki) for a user like me who has byzantium installed giving the exact steps that the user needs to take to enable use of the debug-symbol packages that pureos does build (which seem to be in landing rather than in byzantium) together with those of the debug-symbol packages that debian builds which are usable with a byzantium install. these instructions need to specify what exact strings need to be added to which exact configuration files and what exact commands need to be typed to get the necessary debug-symbol packages installed. unfortunately, as an end user, i do not have the spare days to keep trying to find the necessary strings and configuration files and commands until i succeed. thanks for any help you can provide!

@jbw Have you considered looking the package with debugging symbols in Debian? Debian has something called which holds, among other things, packages with debug symbols. It is a little hard to navigate but try the search for the package you want and you may get lucky. Or post the package name and version here and I'll see if I can help find it.