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Oct 18 2021, 03:05 (5 w, 6 d)

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Oct 19 2021

ctowne added a comment to T1085: iptables default rules cleared and internet inaccessible, after recent upgrade.

I am running a Librem14 (5.10.0-9-amd64) and was experiencing this same issue. Instead of purging gufw I needed to purge ufw. Before purging I noticed the ufw service was in a masked state after removing the package with apt. I also cleaned up /etc/ufw after the purge. I used the iptables rules in this bug report as a workaround and saved those to /etc/iptables/rule.v4 and .v6 so iptables-persistent would see them and rebooted. This fixed my issue, the networking was restored and the machine no longer would hang after decrypting the drive.

Oct 19 2021, 19:06