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kodi - multiple issues
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Kodi features repo of additional plugins. RMS stated (see reference for links) that repos like that should have only free software, otherwise entire software is considered nonfree ( Parabola patches Kodi to use their own hosted Kodi repo, see patch:

We could either use their repo or create our own. But maintaining such repos could be pita.

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Parabola issue 1035 really tracks two different issues: a) contains non-free decompression engine for RAR archives, and b) support for non-free addons.

Only the latter is relevant for Debian (and therefore PureOS): RAR archive support is optional and by default disabled, and not explicitly enabled in our build routines. This can be verified by checking that build logs contain "Non-free: No" e.g. at

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Parabola patch is therefore overzealous: Only the three lines changing URL are relevant.

More sustainable than subscribing to a non-default repository - whether maintained by us or picking a third-party repository - is to setup a proxy for the feed which filters the repository feed and lets through only those with a license known to be Free.

Upstream repository feed:


There are 1035 addons:

zgrep -Po '<addon id="\K[^"]*' addons.xml.gz | grep -c .

Of those, 744 includes licensing field:

zgrep -Po '<license>\K[^<]*' addons.xml.gz | grep -c .

License fields are mostly Free - few are restricted to non-commercial use, and unclear:

zgrep -Po '<license>\K[^<]*' addons.xml.gz | sort -u
mladen added a comment.Sep 9 2017, 02:34

What about those which don't have license field?

Not sure what you are asking.

Perhaps I answered already: "[...] setup a proxy for the feed which filters the repository feed and lets through only those with a license known to be Free."

mladen added a comment.Sep 9 2017, 04:38

Yes, but if a plugin does not have a license tag, can we consider it public domain?

no, by default things without license are considered proprietary unless someone did investigation and put it in pd if it suits that. If you want you could try contact authors of those addons and ask them to specify license

In most of the World, copyright is automatic (i.e. there is an implicit "all rights reserved"), and as a consequence licensing must be explicit too (and arguably copyright statement must be explicit too, to be able to validate if the licensing was granted by the copyright holder and not bogusly from someone else not in possesion of rights granted).

More here (and surrounding document):

Plan: Establish a web service as a subdomain:

  • Write script to strip from feed any addon not known to be freely licensed
      • A working first draft done!
    • Write web service to host proxied+filtered addon feeds
    • Setup web service, and run filter script as cron job
    • Register subdomain for web service
    • File bugreport against Debian Kodi package with patch to use web service
    • Extend service to other addons, e.g. Hydrogen

adding @theodotos.andreou so he knows about the need of service similar to subdomain. Coordinate that together.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Oct 3 2017, 18:16

Kodi was removed from Debian testing some time ago due to FTBFS with GCC7.

Today I filed release-critical bug#877656 and presented a fix which involves separating the mechanism to download addons in a separate package - which PureOS can then block.

Technically the issue is thus solved: If the bugs in Debian gets solved AND are done in a different way that currently prospected, then we have a new situation and may need to reopen this bugreport (and apply the patch in bug#877656 ourselves).

jonas.smedegaard reopened this task as Open.EditedOct 5 2017, 03:45

Debian kodi package re-entered unstable today, which means it will likely re-enter PureOS 10 days from now.

Thus reopening this task.

(different approaches to addressing the issue now tracked in separate subtasks)

jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from [FREEDOM ISSUE] kodi to [FREEDOM ISSUE] kodi - multiple issues.Oct 5 2017, 04:15
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While we will for now remove Kodi (as it was in our default installation to showcase basically the power of Free software) because it is blocked from entering Debian testing - we will re-introduce this package with all fixes around services.

Current status:

  • Exposure to non-free addons (T209)
    • Temporary workaround: Simply avoid shipping kodi in PureOS at all.
      • Pending: Unconfirmed if removal is in effect yet.
    • Solution: PureOS-forked kodi package, stripped of knowledge about problematic official Kodi addon feed.
      • Pending: Seems to need manual action to become effective.
  • Provision of free addons (T208)
    • Solution: Provide manually curated feed
      • Avoided: unlikely to be maintainable.
    • Solution: Provide automatically curated feed
      • service works, but need polish (including a web page and TLS encryption)
      • addon package drafted but not yet released to Debian.
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Freedom issue has been separated as T209

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