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hydrogen - promotes non-free code via runtime addons download feature
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Package hydrogen supports downloading addons at runtime, and default feed contains nonfree addons.

From Parabola:

# Change to list with free licensed drumkits only
 sed -i -e 's|www[.]hydrogen-music[.]org/feeds/drumkit_list[.]php||'\
 $(grep -rlI 'www[.]hydrogen-music[.]org/feeds/drumkit_list[.]php')

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mladen created this task.May 30 2017, 06:35
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: hema.prathaban.
jonas.smedegaard removed a subscriber: hema.prathaban.

The list curated by Parabola seems to permit non-commercial CC licenses and does therefore not comply with Debian Free Software Guidelines.

I will try setup a website on a domain, hosting a list as a static file but generated with a script maintainined in the Debian multimedia team to filter upstream list as we in Debian consider suitable.

turns out the package hydrogen-drumkits contain roughly the free parts of what is offered online, so setting up a curated live list is really no gain.

...which also means that I cannot defend changing the URL in Debian, as from the POV of Debian such change is silly at best.

I will therefore make a fork of Hydrogen for PureOS with this sole patch.

mladen added a comment.EditedJul 18 2017, 15:03

I'll examine manually all drumkits offered in Debian package the online repo. If there really are some not allowed by FSF, can we simply patch the package?

mladen added a comment.EditedJul 18 2017, 15:30

This is the list which contains only free drumkits:
I have removed drumkits clearly labeled as non-free as well as others without license.

It differs from the one provided by Parabola, I am not sure why simply because they did not update it for a long time:

I worry about bitrot for PureOS too.

Instead of editing by hand, could you please instead describe your criteria, so that I can make a script that can be put into a cron job, polling upstream XML periodically and generate our derived XML using e.g. a whitelist of licenses we consider ok.

mladen added a comment.Jul 20 2017, 03:26

Can this help:


Basically, any drumkit with empty or Do not redistribute or publish the inluded samples licence tag should be removed. There's one exception with licence tag empty but the description states it is under GPL.

The diff I had already done, but your description on *why* you changed as you did is quite helpful.

Based on that, I am now inspecting closely the drumkits distributed in Debian (which I guess is in PureOS too) that you have excluded in your list: Either those are wrong to ship in debian, or the metadata is incomplete and the drumkits are in fact free.

So far I have found that 2 drumkits are free but the metadata is sloppy, and one drumkit I have not found licensing for (which means if noone else does either then that drumkit has to go from Debian).

Hydrogen-compatible XML feed with only DFSG-free drumkits are now established at

Fix released to Debian as version 0.9.7-3:

So feel free to close this one here as it will come in from Debian soon :)

mak lowered the priority of this task from 95 to Freedom Issue.Aug 18 2017, 22:08
jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Aug 22 2017, 00:58

Fixed hydrogen entered testing today.

jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from [FREEDOM ISSUE] hydrogen to hydrogen-drumkits - contain nonfree code.Nov 1 2017, 21:44
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jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from hydrogen-drumkits - contain nonfree code to hydrogen - promotes non-free code via runtime addons download feature.Nov 1 2017, 21:51
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