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Kodi: Promotes non-free code via runtime addons download feature
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jonas.smedegaard reopened this task as Open.Oct 5 2017, 03:45

Debian kodi package re-entered unstable today, which means it will re-enter likely re-enter PureOS 10 days from now.


jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: mak.

@mak can you block (not src:kodi but) the binary package kodi-repository-kodi from entering PureOS?

mak reassigned this task from mak to jonas.smedegaard.Oct 7 2017, 16:21

@jonas.smedegaard I can not block binary packages, it's either all or nothing. You will need to edit the package in PureOS, removing the problematic pieces.
Only syncing a few binary packages leads to an inconsistent archive with big headaches for QA, and if we later rebuild all packages from scratch becomes completely impossible.
So, adding a PureOS delta is the way to go here.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation.

I dput'ed last night a fork of Debian kodi, stripped of the kodi-repository-kodi binary package.

Seems the package do not emerge, so I guess it needs some manual action from you, Matthias.

mak added a comment.Oct 23 2017, 10:28


kodi       | 2:17.3+dfsg1-2 | green      | source, amd64
kodi       | 2:17.3+dfsg1-2 | landing    | source, amd64

I guess due to the key missing in the archive, the packages weren't processed - can you upload them again?

package re-uploaded

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Oct 24 2017, 16:00

Fixed kodi finally arrived in PureOS.