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Provide web service for curated feeds of code resources
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Setup web service to act as a filtering proxy for various feeds of code resources,
E.g. Kodi addons and Hydrogen drumkits.

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Can I have some details for this? Specs, applications needed?

it is the site.

What currently runs is apache2 serving static content, generated as a cron job fetching, parsing and filtering XML files from Kodi and Hydrogen upstream websites.

What is missing is...

  • Securing serving of content: TLS certificate
  • Securing integrity of fetched source content:
    • extend cron script to at least do trust-on-first-use - i.e. store hash and treat as suspect if later served different content claimed to be same
    • This hard on other ways to secure soure content served insecurely
  • Automate full setup of all services

@theodotos.andreou you are welcome to help discuss ideas for implementing this, but I believe I can do it on my own if you have better things to do.