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These are the default applications included with PureOS


NOTE: Applies to the 2018-12-10 ISO.


LibreOffice CalcPowerful and extensible spreadsheet program, part of the LibreOffice productivity suiteOffice
LibreOffice DrawAn easy-to-use graphics editor, part of the LibreOffice productivity suiteOffice
LibreOffice ImpressPresentation program, part of the LibreOffice productivity suiteOffice
LibreOffice MathFormula editor, part of the LibreOffice productivity suiteOffice
LibreOffice WriterPowerful word processor, part of the LibreOffice productivity suiteOffice
PureBrowserPowerful, extensible web browser with privacy defaultsInternet
ThunderbirdEmail and calendar clientInternet
TilixTiling terminal emulatorUtilities


CalendarSimple and beautiful calendar application designed to perfectly fit the GNOME desktopPIM
Character MapUnicode character map programUtilities
CheeseUses your webcam to take photos and videos and apply fancy special effectsMultimedia
ContactsKeep and organize your contact informationPIM
Déjà DupSimple backup toolUtilities
Disk Usage AnalyzerSimple application to keep your disk usage and available space under controlUtilities
EvinceSimple multi-page document viewerOffice
Eye of GNOMEThe official image viewer of the GNOME desktopMultimedia
File RollerDefault GNOME application for opening, creating and modifying archive filesUtilities
GeditThe official text editor of the GNOME desktop, powerful general purpose text editorUtilities
GNOME BoxesSimple Virtual Machine applicationUtilities
GNOME CalculatorCalculator and application that solves mathematical equationsUtilities
GNOME ClocksSimple and elegant clock application; it includes world clocks, alarms, a stopwatch and a timerUtilities
GNOME Control CenterGNOME's main interface for configuration of various aspects of your desktopSystem
GNOME DisksProvides an easy way to inspect, format, partition and configure disks and block devicesSystem
GNOME FontsShows you the fonts installed on your computerUtilities
GNOME HelpGNOME help and documentation viewerUtilities
GNOME LogsShows events from the systemd journal, and sorts them into categories, such as hardware and applicationsSystem
GNOME MapsGive you quick access to maps all across the world and allows you to quickly find the place you are looking forEducation
GNOME Power StatisticsDisplay historical and current battery information and programs waking up that use powerUtilities
GNOME ScreenshotSimple utility that lets you take pictures of your computer screenUtilities
GNOME SoftwareSoftware allows you to find and install new applications and system extensions and remove existing installed applicationsSystem
GNOME System MonitorProcess viewer and system monitor with an attractive, easy-to-use interfaceSystem
GNOME TweaksUtility to fine-tune your GNOME desktopSystem
NautilusAlso known as Files, the default file manager of the GNOME desktopSystem
PhotosSimple application to access, organize and share your photos on GNOME desktopMultimedia
PolariSimple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client designed to integrate seamlessly with GNOME desktopInternet
RhytmboxMusic management, music and internet radio player applicationMultimedia
SeahorseApplication for managing encryption keysUtilities
Simple ScanReally easy way to scan both documents and photosUtilities
To DoTask management application designed to integrate with GNOMEPIM
VideosAlso known as Totem, the official movie player of the GNOME desktopMultimedia


Kodi (with free addons)Award winning software media-player and entertainment hubMultimedia


NOTE: Here is a pasted list of applications considered for default but not yet voted in
LavernaMarkdown note taking app focused on privacy
AudacityAudio Editor
ArdourAudio Recording
Dark TablePhoto Workflow
GimpPhoto Editorft
My PaintSimple Paint Softwaremp, ft
InkscapeVector Drawing
KdenliveVideo Editorft
Blender3D Modeling
Signal DesktopEncrypted Messaging
Pidgin w/off the recordEncrypted IRC
TransmissionTorrentmp, ft
VLCMedia Player
MpvMedia Player
GNOME MpvGnome frontend for mpvmp, ft
KeepassPassword Management
NextcloudCloud desktop client
Clam AVAntivirus
Uncomplicated FirewallFirewall
Ice SSBSingle Site Browser
HandbrakeVideo File converter
RedshiftMonitor appearancemp
CalibreE-book management
FeedReaderModern RSS desktop client
Riot DesktopMatrix client for Desktopmp
LibreOffice BaseDatabase processor, part of the LibreOffice productivity suite
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