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Welcome to the PureOS wiki!

Central point for PureOS documentation on the web. Visit the Index for a listing of article categories.


PureOS | Overview and some general information about PureOS
Installation Guide | Guide through the process of installing PureOS
General Recommendations | Pre- and post-installation tutorials and other popular stuff
Troubleshooting | Known issues and how to fix them
Development | Information about PureOS development


How to use this wiki | Need some assistance? Check here
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PureOS Frequently Asked Questions FAQ | Consult Frequently Asked Questions about PureOS

GNOME help files | Consult GNOME help files
Debian user manuals | Consult Debian user manuals

NOTE: This is the PureOS wiki where one can find more in-depth information on the PureOS components and the OS itself. If you would like to report an issue with PureOS or one of its components feel free to file an issue here: https://tracker.pureos.net

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