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Wed, Feb 6

MrChromebox created T692: Libusb transfer timeout when using flashrom and ch341a usb programmer.
Wed, Feb 6, 2:59 AM · Restricted Project
MrChromebox added a comment to T653: Unable to boot PureOS on Acer Nitro AN515-42-R6GV (UEFI cannot be disabled).

Assuming the same/similar tools are used to build PureOS as Debian, it shouldn't be that difficult to add I would think. And given that modern systems no longer ship with Legacy Boot/CSM, users who want to give PureOS a try are left without a viable option outside of a VM. I'd think that rates higher than a 'low' priority, but that's just me :)

Wed, Feb 6, 2:51 AM

Jul 15 2018

MrChromebox added a comment to T510: Coreboot build script fails on Librem 13v1 device.

actually, you'd want to change the link to use the latest commit hash, not master, otherwise the script will break again next time the microcode is updated. So instead use:**B_2018-03-22_PRD_0B0DD00D**.bin//

Jul 15 2018, 8:15 PM · Librem Coreboot