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Verify/fix/test CLKREQ settings for wifi and nvme
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schematics says NVMe uses GPP_B6/SRCCLKREQ1# for its CLKREQ signal and Wifi uses GPP_B10/SRCCLKREQ5# for Librem 13 v2 and GPP_B9/SRCCLKREQ4# for Librem 15 v3.
It's currently disabled in devicetree, we need to enable and test that it all works (especially suspend/resume without issues)
If NVMe clkreq is wrong, seabios won't see the nvme in its boot device list, if wifi clkreq is wrong, then suspend will fail.

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@kakaroto Is this still an issue?

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@MrChromebox Is this still an issue, and is it tied to PureOS?

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Thanks for clarifying.