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Copying Files From An Old To A New Librem
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All GNU operating systems are very powerful, and PureOS is no exception. This brief how-to describes the steps for upgrading from a Librem 13v1 (with HDD) to a Librem13v2 (with a 2TB NVMe SSD), but the practice is the same if you ever want to transfer your home files from an old computer to a new computer.

On 'old' computer

Setup ssh-server on the 'old' computer

This sets up the ability to copy files over the local network, open a terminal and type:

sudo apt install openssh-server

Get the address of the 'old' machine

Settings -> Network -> Select Network Settings -> Note the IPv4 Address (e.g.

On 'new' computer

Setup 'new' computer

Go through the normal install, creating users, passphrases, etc., after install, login, open up a terminal and type:

rsync -avx <username>@<ip-address>:~/ ~/

In my case it was:

rsync -avx todd@ ~/

See Also


There were issues having gpg work on the 'new' computer from the rsync -avx and the .gnupg keyring folder. to work-around this I exported and imported by following these steps:

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