Burn images using Etcher
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Burn images to SD card/USB drive using Etcher

Follow instructions to download and verify the PureOS ISO image.

You can download Etcher from https://etcher.io/.

NOTE: Etcher supports various types of images: iso, img, dsk, hddimg, raw, zip, gz, bz2, xz.
WARNING: This action will wipe all data on your SD Card/USB drive!
  • Start Etcher and select your image:

Etcher 1

  • Select your USB drive and click Continue:

Etcher 2

  • Click Flash, and wait until Etcher flashes the image and verifies it:

Etcher 3

  • It's done, your image is written to your SD Card or USB drive:

Etcher 4

NOTE: You can also do this using GNOME Disks or using dd command in Terminal.
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