Integrate Nextcloud with File Manager
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Integrate Nextcloud with File Manager

If you use Nextcloud Linux Desktop Application to have a copy of your cloud files synced locally on your desktop, there is a way to create, delete and manage share links of your cloud files from your desktop, without needing to login to log in in a browser, using the Files application.

To do this you need to install the Files app plugin nautilus-nextcloud, so:

  1. Open the terminal application Tilix and type the command: sudo apt install nautilus-nextcloud
  2. Press enter
  3. Type your password and press enter again. If you get asked for confirmation, press the key: y or the key representing "yes" in your system language

install nextcloud extention

If you navigate to your Nextcloud folder or inside it, you will see that the folders have green check icon. That means Nextcloud Desktop client is now integrated with the Files app.

install nextcloud extention

You will see different icons acording to the state of the file or folder.

green icon folder
blue icon folder
share icon folder

To create a share link of from the Files app:

  1. Right click the file/folder in question
  2. Select the option "Nextcloud"
  3. Select "Share..."

right click

Check the option enable and press the 3 dots button to edit settings of the share link.


From there you can:

  1. Copy the link
  2. Set expiry date for the link
  3. Set password to access the shared item
  4. Delete the share link

If you are sharing a folder then you can also:

  1. Set the folder as a upload folder for files
  2. Set the folder and it's contents as read only
  3. Allow uploading to, and editing content in the folder


To set password or expiry date:

  1. Select the respective option
  2. Set the password
  3. Set the date
  4. Press the arrow key to right of the option you want to enable, password or expiry date (press both arrows to enable both).

date and password

Share with other Nextcloud users from the same instance as you.

  1. Write the username of the person you want to share with
  2. Press enter

by user 00

After pressing enter you will see the user avatar in the lower part of the window.

user avatar

Edit the settings of the share by pressing the "three dots button".

If it is a file you can:

  1. Allow editing
  2. Allow resharing

To delete the share just press the button

by user 01

If it is a folder, select the Can edit button to allow the following options:

  1. Editing
  2. Create a sub-folder
  3. Delete folders
  4. Reshare

To delete the share just press the button. To revoke a permission, just uncheck the option in question.

by user 02

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