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unspecified when a PureOS issue is truly "resolved"
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We track issues for PureOS, and when the issue is resolved we flag it as such.

Typically we flag issues as solved as soon as fix has "landed" - i.e. a) is applied to a package and released to the "landing" suite.
Our users - and colleagues testing - will however continue to experience, and ideally report as broken, until an issue b) has entered "green" suite, or for parts of the default set until c) inclusion in newest installer image.

Which is it? And if answer is "all of them" then how do we uniformly handle that with this issue tracker?

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Acceptance criteria (AC) for closing this issue: Clear determination of when a PureOS issue should be marked as "resolved"

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Suggestion - can we figure out a workflow with subtasks and/or parent tasks? That way there's no need to look outside of this issue tracker for solutions, and we can sort/clean up current tasks here that may be in the kind of limbo you describe.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 3 2019, 11:33

Having an acceptance criteria (AC) in the issue might help, we can put it in the Description. Having an agreed upon "Definition of Done" is also useful and you've provided an example of DoD we can use, when the issue is in Green.

We should not mark the issue as "resolved" until it is no longer "broken" regardless of whether it is in the installer, green, or landing.