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gnome-online-accounts: Ship enabled GOA
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There's a enabled goa in amber-phone but that

  • is 3.32
  • has some more patches for adaptiveness and CI
  • is a sloppy build

so i did deliberately not upload to amber but that makes users miss. It would be great to also apply the goa patches to amber's gnome-online-accounts 3.30.

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guido created this task.Mar 25 2020, 01:35
jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from Ship enabled GOA to gnome-online-accounts: Ship enabled GOA.May 25 2021, 11:04
jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Normal priority.
jonas.smedegaard added a project: Restricted Project.

From my side this can be closed since i don't think amber matters much at this point. I'm not sure what the PureOS policy is here? Close once the release goes fully out of service? @jeremiah.foster ?

We've settled in T553 on tracking all supported releases - i.e. both stable (currently amber) and development (currently byzantium).
So please keep this issue open until we decide to no longer support amber (or close if this specific issue is considered irrelevant for amber).