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Patch GNOME Control Center to display Librem hardware identification and branding on the fly when applicable
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It would be really cool if GNOME Control Center's "Details" pane would correctly identify the hardware when PureOS is running on a Librem. This would help a bit from a branding perspective, but also from the "tech support and RMA" standpoint. It could show text such as:

OEM: Purism
Model: Librem 13, version 2
Serial no.: 3452358923845
BIOS: coreboot 4.6, built 2017-06-13"

Ideally we implement it in such a clean way that we could offer that as a standard upstream improvement for GNOME Control Center (if accepted).

For what it's worth, this is the kind of stuff I can see from "lshw", so it is definitely information that can be extracted from a running system (and would allow a system daemon to apply model-specific driver tweaks, such as T18, T19, T84 etc.):

     description: Motherboard
     product: Librem 13 v2
     vendor: Purism
     physical id: 0
     version: 2.0
     serial: Unknown Serial Number       
        description: BIOS
        vendor: coreboot
        physical id: 0
        version: 4.6-00b9f4-Purism-1
        date: 06/12/2017

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jeff created this task.Jun 13 2017, 13:30
zlatan.todoric triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jun 14 2017, 03:40

So unless you have seen this elsewhere in gnome control center (via dell, thinkpad etc) this would require creating a patch against gnome package (and probably UI tweaking) which we currently don't have time to do (and as you say, it can be viewed via terminal). Putting it into wishlist.

mladen added a comment.Jun 14 2017, 10:15

We could also do this:

for KDE. Steps to have this done:

  1. Put purism-logo.png into /usr/share/pixmaps/
  2. Create file /etc/xdg/kcm-about-distrorc with the following content:

I think the gnome settings (and with extension Details) has hardcoded size for some reason (I didn't check the code but I can't resize it) and there is already a big gnome logo with gnome version there. We will see to tweak it but after we get some time from things with higher priority. Any patch in meantime is highly appreciated :)

Has the control center "details" pane moved? Can't find it in the current version...

mak added a comment.Jun 7 2018, 12:36

@chris.lamb Scroll to the very bottom in g-c-c, click "Details" -> "About"

FYI I got curious so glancing at the source code the image is "just" (har har) replacing panels/info/GnomeLogoVerticalMedium.svg and the text itself is currently populated by parsing /etc/os-release in get_os_info (panels/info/cc-info-overview-panel.c).

mak added a comment.Jun 7 2018, 13:06

@chris.lamb The os-release thing already results in a neat "PureOS" string, and the logo is being worked on:

The os-release thing already results in a neat "PureOS" string

Exactly. :)