Begin adding Purism branding to PureOS
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  1. Gnome control center "details" section: Add Purism logo
  1. Replace "9-dot" Gnome "show applications" with Purism rectangle
  1. Consider using background logo extension

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jeff added a comment.Jun 19 2018, 7:56 PM

Purism branding elements can be packaged in the repositories of both the normal and OEM versions of PureOS, but preinstalled (or activated) only in the OEM version (i.e. so that the "purism-branding" package is installed by default on factory-preloaded Librem devices, but not on non-purism devices where people install PureOS themselves).

Either that, or the branding is dynamically applied based on hardware detection (if PureOS detects that it is running on a Librem, like in T112, it applies the Purism branding; otherwise it remains a generic PureOS), which would require a bit more software engineering compared to just diverging the normal-vs-OEM seeds. It also depends on the devices correctly identifying themselves with coreboot, for instance.

Purism branding must not appear by default on the generic PureOS when not running Librem hardware.

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As Jeff already stated, branding can't be added to PureOS (besides its own) itself but Purism can use its OEM image for such branding. I will put it on wishlist severity for now. Also making mak aware of it.

mak added a comment.Jun 24 2018, 11:12 PM

Hmm, this is a tough problem to solve. We can not really make a purism-specific seed for default packages. We could enable Purism branding on specific installs though, in which case the existing seed would always need to install Purism branding though (even if it is not shown).

At the moment, I am not sure how to address this problem in both a way that is technically sane as well as liked by the FSF. I'll likely revisit the issue at a later time.

Could we not change the boring background to something not specific to Purism but promoting, 'Security, Privacy, and Freedom'?

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