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PureBrowser first-start
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I noticed an issue with PureBrowser the first time I started it and reported it. Since then I have been using PureBrowser and modified my browser profile such that the issue no longer occurs.

An update has landed and I want to confirm the fix. How can I do this without losing my new profile settings?


You can create a fresh profile, launch PureBrowser and then delete the profile:

  1. Close any running instances of PureBrowser
  2. Start with purebrowser --ProfileManager
  3. In the profile manager window, create a new profile "temp"
  4. Click "Start PureBrowser"

You can now test for the first-start issue. When you are done...

  1. Close any running instances
  2. Start with purebrowser --ProfileManager
  3. Delete the profile "temp" (delete profile and files)
  4. Close the profile manager window
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