Watching web videos
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Watching web videos directly

Playing videos in GNOME MPV

You can watch YouTube, Vimeo, etc. videos directly in a program GNOME MPV. Install it from Software Center if you haven't already, and start it up, click the + icon...

Gnome mpv 1

...then Open Location and paste the video link:

Gnome mpv 2

Your video should load in GNOME MPV:

Gnome mpv 2

NOTE: This blog post also explains how you can load the entire YouTube playlist:

Playing videos in Gnome MPV directly from PureBrowser

Start PureBrowser and install this extension: (click Download Anyway to install it).

Then go to Add-ons"Open With" addonPreferences and set Main context menu (links) to Display as menu items, set others to Don't display:

PureBrowser gnome-mpv 1

Then click on Add... button and find a file io.github.GnomeMpv.desktop, select it and click open:

PureBrowser gnome-mpv 2

You can click the new menu item entry you've created to edit its name, for example into "GNOME MPV". Now when right-click on a link you will have this menu entry which will pass the link to GNOME MPV, see the example with YouTube:

PureBrowser gnome-mpv 3

...and Vimeo:

PureBrowser gnome-mpv 4

NOTE: This right-click menu entry will show up on any link, but obviously only links to online videos will work in GNOME MPV. Here is a list of supported video websites:
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