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Configure PureBrowser for authentication against websites using FIDO U2F


  1. Install “U2F common files”

    sudo apt install libu2f-udev
  1. Open PureBrowser and navigate to about:config
  1. Search for webauth
  1. Set security.webauth.u2f to True (ignore the other webauth settings)


  1. Plug in your FIDO U2F key
  1. Visit (ignore the instructions there, they’re slightly out of date)
  1. Click the “U2F Register” button
  1. You should immediately get a prompt from PureBrowser, and your key will begin blinking. Squeeze the key to authenticate.
  1. Repeat 3-4 with the “U2F Sign” button

Tested with:

  • Nitrokey FIDO U2F
  • PureBrowser 60.1.0
  • libu2f-udev 1.1.6-1


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