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Format and use secondary disk
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How to format secondary internal disk and configure it as data/media storage

NOTE: We will use GNOME Disks for this.

Step 1

First step is to identify correct disk, check its name/model, size, etc, then click the three-dot menu icon and then Format:


Step 2

Select GPT partition type and click the Format... button:


Step 3

Once again verify that you are formatting the correct disk and proceed with format:


Step 4

When formatting is done, click the + button to create a new partition:


Step 5

For this example maximum size is selected. Simply click Next:


Step 6

Type volume name (for example: "DATA", "Backup", "Media"), select ext4 type and click the Create button:


NOTE: You can set up encryption for the partition at this point by checking Password protect volume (LUKS) option, this means each time you start your computer you will have to type your password to unlock it.

Step 7

Once done, click on the gears icon and select Edit Mount Options... from the menu:


Step 8

Turn off "User Session Defaults" option.
Select Mount at system startup and Show in user interface check boxes.
Choose mount point, for example, if you used "Media" for volume name in Step 6 use the same name here (it must be one word!).
Select the same for Identify as field.
Leave "auto" for filesystem type.
Click OK:


Step 9

That's all, your disk should be located in default file manager under "+Other Locations", mounted and ready:


Step 10

Open it and right-click on empty space, then select "Add bookmark", it will be shown in the left-side pane for easier access:


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