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PureOS boot prompt options

PureOS boot options

If you start boot into PureOS live system, you will get to its boot options menu first:

boot prompt options

Closer look:

boot prompt options closer

Boot options

Available options are:

  1. Test or install PureOS > starts live PureOS instance from where you can perform installation using Calamares installer
  2. Test or install PureOS (failsafe) > starts live PureOS instance with safe boot options
  3. Advanced Options > hardware detection tool and memtest (memory testing tool)

By pressing ENTER as soon the screen appears, you will boot the default (first) option.


If you boot into your USB drive but the boot fails or PureOS boot screen does not appear, you might wanna try the following:

  1. Disable secure boot/UEFI boot on your computer's BIOS and try again
  2. Make sure you followed the procedure to create a bootable USB drive
  3. ISO image you burned to your USB might not be downloaded correctly, ensure the download is okay by verifying its sha256 checksum
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