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Uploading Packages to PureOS
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To upload packages to the PureOS archive via the dput tool, use the following ~/ snippet:

fqdn =
method = ftp
incoming = ~/incoming/
login = anonymous

The upload might take about 20 minutes or so to be processed after the upload is fully complete.

See also NEW queue and archive layout

If you want to get notification about any new upload that gets submitted to the archive, consider subscribing to the pureos-changes mailinglist.

Please use source-only uploads (created by passing -S -sa to dpkg-buildpackage, e.g. by using gbp via gbp buildpackage -S -sa) if possible, and only upload binaries directly if absolutely necessary (e.g. for bootstrapping). The autobuild system of the Laniakea archive management system will usually build new packages pretty quickly.

Uploads targeted at the current development release of PureOS (currently byzantium) will automatically be redirected to landing, just like uploads to the *-updates suite of a stable release will automatically go to *-proposed-updates first.

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