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Nov 20 2019, 15:40 (53 w, 2 d)

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Thu, Nov 26

alvesadrian updated subscribers of T975: Iceweasel showing in PureOS Store rather than Firefox.

it looks like a metadata repo issue, we should update the repos. @theodotos.andreou

Thu, Nov 26, 08:45

Jun 24 2020

alvesadrian added a comment to T914: Autologing after a Fresh Install.

Yes, not only on first boot where you made the initial setup also second boot and go on

Jun 24 2020, 06:57 · Restricted Project

Jun 4 2020

alvesadrian created T914: Autologing after a Fresh Install.
Jun 4 2020, 18:42 · Restricted Project
alvesadrian created T913: Gnome control center.
Jun 4 2020, 15:09 · Restricted Project
alvesadrian triaged T911: gnome-control-center as High priority.
Jun 4 2020, 02:59

Dec 16 2019

alvesadrian added a comment to T795: Package CPU-X.

Working on this

Dec 16 2019, 08:56 · Restricted Project
alvesadrian closed T652: Please package mfgtools as Resolved.
Dec 16 2019, 07:56
alvesadrian added a comment to T652: Please package mfgtools.

this is complete, also package it for both amber and byzantium

Dec 16 2019, 07:56