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Package Shortwave for the Librem 5
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Shortwave is a cool webradio player designed with the Librem 5 in mind. François and likely many others want it, unfortunately it's not packaged in Debian. Its sources can be found here:

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jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 8 2019, 06:49

This is the content of a Matrix chat I had with the Felix Häcker in this room

jeremiah_: Hello gentle wizards!
I'm interested in packaging Shortwave for Debian / PureOS

Felix: Hello 🧙!
There's no stable version of Shortwave available yet, I would wait for the first release.
There's already some DEB packaging work done here in form of a Ubuntu PPA:
Packaging is currently a bit difficult, since rust/cargo requires internet to build Shortwave, to download the rust crates.
But later when there's a release, there will be a "vendored" package which includes all dependencies, so it's possible to build it without internet.

jeremiah_: That sounds great Felix - thanks for the info!
We have some folks at Purism who're clamoring for this to get into our repos. :-)

Felix: Glad to hear that :)

Any idea if the situation improved? :)

I asked Felix if we can package Shortwave now, he said "sure, there’s a stable release which you can use / package".

Excellent - we'll get to work on that. :-)

@alvesadrian Have you started on this one yet?

No, please complete or report here if you are having issues.

alvesadrian added a comment.EditedDec 20 2020, 11:17

@jeremiah.foster created a repo and pushed the flatpak built into our SLAT server, inside of /home/adrian/flatpak/shortwave/app, there is where the flatpak build it is

@jeremiah.foster I can't build Flatpaks inside of the bizantium-arm64 docker image because of this,
"Running in qemu-user, not using seccomp"
I can only build flatpaks over Intel since I don't have the right hardware to do it.

@alvesadrian FWIW you don't need to build flatpaks inside a docker container; flatpak-builder already builds apps using a contained environment.

Still working on this flatpak