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Pipe key not working on Librem13v3 DE (German) keyboard layout
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If I try to input the pipe symbol it will just input the pound symbol, exactly the same issue as described here:

It seems fixed for US and UK layouts, but DE layouts are still not working as they should, I suppose.

Running PureOS on a Librem 13v3

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hansolo created this task.Jan 14 2019, 03:59
jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.
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Hey @hasolo, sorry for the delay in replying. Can you let me know exactly which version of systemd you are using? You can do this with:

dpkg-query --showformat='${Version}\n' --show systemd


chris.lamb renamed this task from Pipe key not working on DE (german) keyboard layout to Pipe key not working on Librem13v3 DE (German) keyboard layout.Jan 28 2019, 13:55
hansolo added a comment.Jan 29 2019, 00:40

Here's the output: 239-7pureos1

Thanks. What you need to do next is:

  • Update your packages.
  • Ensure you are have 239-7pureos2 installed.
  • Reboot.
hansolo added a comment.Jan 29 2019, 00:59

Did an upgrade and rebooted, it still reports 239-7pureos1.
Is the new version already in green?

mak added a comment.Jan 29 2019, 14:44

@chris.lamb I'll have a look

mak added a comment.Jan 29 2019, 15:03

So, the problem is a simple test failure on arm64:

Assertion 'r < 0' failed at ../src/journal/test-compress.c:235, function test_lz4_decompress_partial(). Aborting.

I rescheduled the build, to see if that was a fluke. Maybe updating systemd to a more recent upstream version is actually the way to go here, as there were a few upstream changes related to the failing function.

hansolo added a comment.Jan 30 2019, 01:13

The build is still failing :(

@mak ISTR some update here in a different forum; can you briefly update this ticket on your plans/timeline? No rush on the action itself, but I just cannot recall the current status / hat / next steps

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hansolo added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 00:40
This comment was removed by hansolo.
hansolo added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 00:44

Sorry, that was a bit to early :)

mak closed this task as Resolved.Feb 11 2019, 02:24

@chris.lamb Odd, I didn't get an email for your reply to this ticket...
Anyway, my message in the chat was just that I wouldn't be able to work on it before/at FOSDEM, if there was any noteworthy thing I would have updated the ticket.
On the good side though, the changes are in green since this Saturday/Sunday, so everyone affected: Please upgrade your PureOS installations and check whether the issue is actually solved!
(I'll mark this as fixed meanwhile, but feel free to reopen if the issue persists)

hansolo added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 04:21

Ok, it reports 240-5pureos1 as the current installed version after apt full-upgrade, but it still inputs the pound sign instead of pipe.

hansolo reopened this task as Open.Feb 11 2019, 04:21
mak added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 05:05

Did you reboot after you upraded the system?

hansolo added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 05:10

Jep, no change.

@kyle.rankin @mladen.pejakovic

So, um, the Librem13v3 w/DE keyboards need a firmware fix too? eg.

hansolo added a comment.EditedFeb 11 2019, 05:28

I'd prefer if it's fixed on the firmware level instead having a workaround installed, which only works PureOS.
Is it somehow possible to apply the firmware fix myself? (I'm dependent on it, I need it for work...)
Is the EC flashable on PureOS, or do I need an external programmer?

I can't recall why but it was asked that I kept the details off the public bugtracker at the time but I certainly remember that it did not need any special hardware. I'll leave this to the others cc'd above as they handled it last time, but I guess this is still evidence and underlines my previous pleas for a proper grid outlining the issue and solution for all Librem 13/Librem15 vs v3/v4 vs de/us/uk, etc.

It's not a firmware problem exactly. The keyboard is a *different* layout than the default US/UK/DE layout, it's a variant. In the US case it's a US alternate international layout. If you dig down into the keyboard options and set it to that, the pipe key works, however during an install everyone naturally picks the default US keyboard layout (or UK or DE, depending on the device) and almost every key works as expected except the pipe key.

So if the problem on any of these keyboards is that the pipe key sends a different key symbol (and not that the pipe key doesn't work at all) this is the cause of the problem, and the simplest fix is to remap the key.

hansolo added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 07:27

Hmmm. Maybe the problem you're describing is not the problem I have, because the mapping shown in Gnome Settings/Region and Language (see the screenshot) shows the pipe key at the correct position and nope, I didn't choose the US keyboard layout at installation or anytime else.
At the testscreen it even shows that the pound sign (german layout on the right, left from enter) is pressed instead of the pipe sign (right from shift).

@kyle.rankin Alas, I feel you are unwary victim of the multitude of confusion and lack of clarity around this issue and the misleading tickets. A firmware update is definitely required for at least (!) LibremV3 with the UK physical layout - the key simply cannot be remapped in software as it is not generating the keycode/scancode whatsoever. ie. it is not a question of selecting the right layout in Gnome or similar - the key cannot work in Grub/the bios/boot, etc.

This particular ticket is about the German keyboard layout issue where the pipe key does work, but sends an incorrect signal, not about the unrelated UK keyboard issue where the key does not send a signal at all.

As I said above, in the case where the key *does* send a signal, but sends an *incorrect* one, the issue seems to be that the keyboards are using a non-standard layout. The simplest fix for *these* issues is a remap, instead of asking a customer to find the proper but obscure alternative mapping.

The unrelated and separate issue of a key not working at all very likely is something that must be fixed in firmware, however that's a separate ticket unrelated to this one so for this ticket it would be best to not refer to that ticket and further muddy the waters.

Ah, right… Well, see.. this is why I would looove a wiki page (or whatever overview) with a grid of the status, next steps and ticket number for each combination. Is this something @mladen.pejakovic could put together?

hansolo added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 08:30

It's still not clear how (what steps have to be done exactly) I (or Purism) can fix this issue and we all can agree that this issue shouldn't be existing, right?

mladen added a comment.Feb 11 2019, 08:39

@chris.lamb: this was not needed before because Purism's assembly partner flashed the keyboard EC firmware prior to shipping.

@hansolo: contact me at

I really don't get why this can't be resolved publically. For everybody that reports this issue here I would guess there are at least 10 others who are just bad-mouthing the device without us even knowing. Please can we have a solution matrix?

hansolo added a comment.Feb 13 2019, 01:16

The EC firmware needs to be replaced.
Maybe this is a license issue, because the ROM is non-free and distributing it freely would be problematic, but maybe @mladen.pejakovic will tell us more.

The ROM/files/etc might be but that would not completely explain why we can't at least have a solution matrix here. :)

mladen added a comment.Feb 13 2019, 03:59

This is NOT related to T431, but rather the workaround of that issue, I have described it in T486 and proposed a solution (workaround is also there) so I won't say anything more here as I simply do not have time to explain everything once again.

hansolo closed this task as Resolved.Feb 13 2019, 05:37

Ok, the workaround described in T486 helps!