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Package OpenQA for Debian
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chris.lamb created this task.Sep 9 2018, 08:56
chris.lamb lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Wishlist.Mar 20 2019, 14:50

core part of OpenQA is already in Debian:

It was recently kicked from testing, so could use some love.

It is mainly written in Perl which is familiar to me, so I might get involved in maintaining it generally in Debian if considered relevant.

I'd like to set up an OpenQA instance. But it looks like I can't use PureOS or Debian to do so. The only blocker is a MR in Salsa: which looks pretty reasonable. @jonas.smedegaard does Hideki Yamane-san hang out in the Debian-perl channel, perhaps we ask him to merge that diff there? Otherwise I'll go ahead and install on SuSE (heaven forbid.)

@jeremiah.foster I am not sure but I don't think Yamane-san is hanging out on irc

I suggest that you post to the Debian bugreport (for _follow-ups you need not use the command-line tool "reportbug" but can simply post a regular email to ) sharing your positive review of the patch - and encourage Frédéric to release it e.g. as a 10-day delayed NMU.

jonas.smedegaard removed chris.lamb as the assignee of this task.May 27 2021, 06:15