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purebrowser - advertises Mozilla on start page
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Tested PureBrowser 52.9.0 with a fresh profile per . On launch, there is a Mozilla logo in the top-right of the start page...

This may lead to confusion?

Suggestion: remove the logo, replace with an invisible logo, or replace with a suitable alternative (PureOS logo?)

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d3vid created this task.Aug 8 2018, 05:07

Can you please elaborate how a reference to Mozilla in a Mozilla-based product can lead to confusion?

d3vid added a comment.Aug 8 2018, 06:56

Knowledgeable users will already understand that PureBrowser is a privacy-respecting fork of Firefox (i.e. based on Mozilla technologies). But I suspect (untested) that an everyday user would wonder:

Why does this word "Mozilla" appear in my PureOS browser?


Don't they make Firefox? Is this Firefox or PureBrowser? Isn't there some privacy problem with Firefox?

Of course other users will think:

I wonder what "Mozilla" means. Oh well, I don't care, I'm busy doing something else!

Obviously references to Mozilla, Mozilla-based technologies and such might be found deeper in the interface, but I'm suggesting that its unnecessary (and confusing) for everyday users on the start page specifically.

jonas.smedegaard renamed this task from Remove Mozilla logo from start page to purebrowser - advertises Mozilla on start page.Aug 8 2018, 07:05
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Thanks for clarifying.

If references to Mozilla indeed is a concern, then I fear we have a huge task ahead of us in cleaning that up. :-/

There should be no Mozilla or Firefox references in PureBrowser. This will obviously lead to confusion.

jonas.smedegaard raised the priority of this task from Low to High.Aug 8 2018, 08:21

as you wish.

This issue should (somewhat accidentally: See T550) be fixed by now (60.1.0esr-2pureos1 released to landing on August 17th).

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Sep 11 2018, 05:32