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purebrowser need a start page
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PureBrowser currently (since 60.1.0esr-2pureos1 released to landing on August 17th) lack a start page.

Removal of hidden system add-on Activity Stream leaves PureBrowser with a blank start page in since Firefox 57: Use of chrome page about:home has been removed upstream.

One option is to patch code to revive use of chrome page (still in source, but possibly not for long).

Another option is to provide a plain html file, and patch runtime configuration to use that.

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Seems to me that the best course of action is to talk to DuckDuckGo and see what the opportunities are here. We could of course use DuckDuckGo's search without any discussion, but a custom arrangement might be better for both parties.

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We no longer are going to maintain Purebrowser given upstream lack of support.