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live-installer: Language not correctly set up by default
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After trying the new install of PureOS (2018-07-06), I decided I would install the system in french

  • The first issue is that after running the installer in french and installing from there, I was expecting my system to reboot in french by default. This was not the case and instead it rebooted in English with a setup window asking me again to choose the language of the newly installed system. In this list, English was the default choice.

The right behavior would be, in this case, to reboot in French and avoid asking to chose the language again.

  • The second issue is that the home folders name where all set in English by default. After (re)defining my system's language, and only after logging out and logging in again, I got asked to make my home folders names to match my system's language.

The right behavior would be to have the home folders names to match the language chosen in the installer.

  • The third issue is that PureBrowser and LibreOffice where still missing the French locales and spelling dictionaries, which I had to install manually. For that matter, I had to go to the command line and install the package libreoffice-l10n-fr, while PureBrowser didn't even let me install the language pack add-on. This is not acceptable for an average user.

The right behavior would be that locales and spelling dictionaries are automatically installed based on the language chosen in the installer.

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francois created this task.Jul 18 2018, 01:04
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.

Thanks a lot for testing and reporting this, @francois!

This seems tied to the installer. Reassigning accordingly.

Thank you @jonas.smedegaard !

I should add that hunspell was also missing the correct dictionary and I had to install it through the terminal.

Maybe, there could also be "language packs" available in the Software app in order to let people install new locales and dictionaries whenever they want without having to go through the command line. The use case is : I am French, I am running my Librem in French but I have friends in Spain and I want spell checking to work when I write them emails. I go to the Software app, and I just install the Spanish Language Pack from there.

francois added a comment.Aug 7 2018, 06:21

Maybe the "language packs" could exist in the repository even before the installer is fixed so that non English speaking people would have a way to add their language graphically through the Software app?

Just an idea.

mak added a comment.Aug 13 2018, 07:38

@francois How did you try to install PureOS? Via the live installer, or via the OEM installer?

mak changed the status of subtask T428: OEM installer did not install UK/British "Formats" from Open to Incomplete.Aug 13 2018, 07:46

@mak Only via the live installer.

chris.lamb changed the status of subtask T428: OEM installer did not install UK/British "Formats" from Incomplete to Open.Aug 16 2018, 01:46
mak renamed this task from Language not correctly set up by default to live-installer: Language not correctly set up by default.Aug 16 2018, 04:13
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mak changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.Mar 24 2019, 07:58

Can you check if this is still an issue? There have been lots of changes on the locale handling in the PureOS initial setup and installer.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.May 28 2021, 00:58

Closed due to lack of response from original reporter.