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OEM installer did not install UK/British "Formats"
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I used the OEM installer, but even after selecting British ,etc during the installer I only have the "United States" Format under "Settings → Region & Language → Formats"

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chris.lamb created this task.May 12 2018, 13:55
mak changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.Aug 13 2018, 07:46
mak added a subscriber: mak.

@chris.lamb Can you please test if this issue is fixed in my test image from ?
Please be aware that the playground image suffers from unrelated issue T542

mak claimed this task.Aug 13 2018, 07:46

I can still reproduce this with the image in

chris.lamb changed the task status from Incomplete to Open.Aug 16 2018, 01:46
mak added a comment.Aug 16 2018, 04:12

Very odd... Potentially, your system is set up correctly, but gnome-control-center doesn't display information correctly.
So, I am quite sure now that this issue is actually a duplicate of T549