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[multiple issues] Fix and possibly rebrand Thunderbird
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As mentioned in

Description: Email client
Problem: Recommends non-free software (extensions) and non-free searchplugins.
Recommended Fix: Change link to point to GNUzilla's list of free addons and apply searchplugins-libre.patch to remove non-free search plugins replacing them with duckduckgo and
References: Parabola GNU/Linux - Bugs: bug #81, thunderbird-libre has non-free searchplugins (Freedom issue #81)
Copyright file: thunderbird copyright file
(Source) package name(s): icedove, thunderbird

@todd should we maybe rebrand it as well?

P.S. we need to check PureOS against that list.

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todd added a comment.Apr 6 2017, 14:45

Is icedove dead? if so, we may be looking at PureMail...

Yea, Debian changed it from Icedove to Thunderbird so we sync'ed that in. I guess good time for PureMail, adding @francois so he is aware we will need some artwork.

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This is a meta-issue tracking a bundle of issues, and as such not a Freedom issue (that is identified for each individual unbundled issue).