Please fast-migrate plymouth 0.9.3-3pureos1 into green
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Please fast-migrate plymouth 0.9.3-3pureos1 into green. (currently at 0.9.3-2pureos1. Thanks! migration excuses currently list:

  • Too young, but urgency pushed by laniakea (presumably indicates priority required for this ticket), but also
  • missing build on arm64

Is the second point a warning or a blocker? (Asking so I can understand what I'm seeing.)

mak closed this task as "Resolved".May 17 2018, 12:26 PM

@d3vid That is a blocker, but I adjusted the code again to ignore the arm64 architecture - we don't have enough build power at time to ensure that we can build every single package on arm64 (although in this case, plymouth built without problems).

@mak Ah, so we would have (eventually) got an arm64 package (and then it would have migrated) - we would have just have had to wait?

mak added a comment.May 17 2018, 2:00 PM

@chris.lamb Jup, in fact, the arm64 package was already there when I looked at it. See for its build logs.

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