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While it is a relatively new (they say alpha-quality) package, the OpenSnitch software suite ( offers some value from a security standpoint, by presenting the user with notifications when applications try to make outbound connection requests.

I'd like to suggest we package this for PureOS (with the ultimate goal of upstreaming the project) so we can evaluate whether we'd like to enable something like this by default for users.

I strongly suggest this as well. LittleSnitch, a similar program that has been around for over a decade, is the first thing I install (and recommend others install) when I work with a new OS X instance.

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The first step here would be to getting it into Debian. I can handle this if you like; please assign me the ticket.

the ultimate goal of upstreaming the project

Not sure what you mean by this?

(See also:

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Sorry, by "upstreaming" I meant "get packaged into Debian." At the time I wrote this in February I was hoping we could get this into PureOS relatively quickly and had assumed that getting this packaged into PureOS would be faster than into Debian so I wanted to do the fast thing first if it was indeed faster.

assumed that getting this packaged into PureOS would be faster than into Debian

It might be a day-or-so faster but there are significant negatives to doing it that way, so not a net win just save 24h. ACK your assignment of this issue..

This will also require the packaging of (at least) the grpcio-tools Python package.

And possibly some extra golang packages... :)

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Also working on grpcio module packaging in the Python Modules team.

(Also needs python3-grpc package in Debian)

Hola si es difícil empaquetar opensnitch depende de librerías muy espesificas ,

Paquete debían

Es necesario instalar
apt-get install libnetfilter-queue1 libnetfilter-conntrack3 python3-slugify python-pyqt5 libc6 python3.7

Probado en debían Buster .

Thanks @Jonathan. It looks like your link leads to a opensnitch deb, I'll test it out. Would be cool if this was submitted to Debian, is that planned?

I'm going to unassign myself here; concentrating on Reproducible Builds. :)

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