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GIMP single-window mode
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GIMP still opens many windows when it starts but it has single-window mode. The single-window mode is more modern/pleasing to today's average user and one of main goal for PureOS is to be mainstream default OS for future of computing so every part matters and visual appearance is one of the main (together with security, privacy and freedom orientation).

We want now to default to single-window mode.

+Once upstream moves to single window mode, remove the patch.

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jonas.smedegaard reopened this task as Open.Sep 6 2018, 11:47
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.

Seems Gimp 2.10 defaults to single window mode, and our fork can be dropped.

Thanks @jonas.smedegaard. Want me to handle this? (I see I remain assigned..)

yes please.

I have passed other similar issues to Matthias and it seems his special powers are unneeded to drop forks, but I don't understand how - so I would appreciate if you would handle this one (and share how, if you figured out how to do on your own ;-) ).

Speficially Matthias has shared some info here:

chris.lamb closed this task as Resolved.Sep 7 2018, 13:38

Done :)