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yagf - fallback-depends on nonfree cunaiform
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Package yagf fallback-depends on nonfree package cuneiform

Rebuild with "Depends: cuneiform" removed.

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mladen created this task.May 22 2017, 14:25

I'll patch this one today.

zlatan.todoric closed this task as Resolved.May 22 2017, 16:40


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yagf does not fallback-depend on a non-free package, only a non-existent one.

@mak Please drop our fork of yagf and let in the Debian package which complies fine with GNU FSDG.

When addressed, this issue should be flaged as "invalid" (not "resolved").

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mak closed this task as Invalid.Aug 23 2018, 07:14

Done, but @jonas.smedegaard if the version number in PureOS is *higher* than the one in Debian, I can't sync stuff. In that case, an upload without the "pureos" version suffix has to be made to PureOS, which is a thing you can easily do as well and which doesn't need me.

Sorry, I don't follow.

Taking this package as an example: Debian has and PureOS has (at least until a moment ago)

I understand that only when Debian issues a new release will it enter PureOS. What I don't understand is a) what you have done now making you close this issue, and b1) if you are telling that I could have done it myself or b2) I need to do something myself now or b3) I can optionally do something alternative for other packages instead of what you did now, or...?

mak added a comment.Aug 23 2018, 11:22

The archive generally doesn't support downgrades - versions can only ever go up, otherwise our users will not actually get the changes.
So, if we have a version in PureOS, I can not sync from debian, because <<
The archive will also *never* override PureOS-specific changes.
So what I did just now make an upload[1], because >> Since there is no "pureos" in the version string anymore now, the next time Debian gets a higher version of this package, the archive will just override the package I uploaded and we will be fully in sync again.

So in general: If Debian version >> PureOS version, I can trigger an override-sync to fetch the Debian package (please file an issue and assign it to me in that case!). If the PureOS version >= Debian version, someone needs to make a dummy upload realigning the package with the one from Debian, replacing the "pureos" in the version string with something higher (I usually simply use "x"). The only difference of that dummy upload will be the changelog entry. In that case, the archive will do the right thing next time a new Debian version is found, and nobody needs to rely on be to solve this issue.

I hope that clears things up!