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GNOME Software updates left OS in broken state
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People who run updates via terminal had no issues but some people reported broken (half-configured) system if they used the GUI updater from GNOME software. We need to bisect the issue so apt and terminal history logs are needed from those systems.

Fix is described here:

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todd reassigned this task from todd to zlatan.todoric.Jan 6 2018, 12:24
todd added a subscriber: todd.

This should be assigned to somebody else :)

We needed your history logs from apt and system :)
Unless you have them somewhere saved we passed the time (PureOS being rolling release distro and not seeing other bug reports on this subject) we can close this one (and anyone can re-open if they still see the bug or have logs).

mladen added a subscriber: mladen.Mar 31 2018, 16:11

3 users reported another breakage today, this time GNOME session was broken after failed/incomplete upgrade process. Waiting for additional info.

mladen updated the task description. (Show Details)Mar 31 2018, 16:15

Users do not report this problem anymore, can we close it?

chris.lamb closed this task as Resolved.Jun 13 2018, 05:05

Agreed. Changing status to "resolvd".