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OEM Install: Mouse and keyboard not working
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The mouse appears, but does not work during install, meaning a user must use the tab key and enter, which is not an ideal user experience (seeing something not working, and having to use a keyboard).

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todd created this task.Jun 29 2017, 14:40
zlatan.todoric added a subscriber: zlatan.todoric.
mak added a comment.Aug 11 2017, 16:09

This is related to the keyboard-not-working issue, which is incredibly persistent. We tracked it down to the expat package in Debian, but there seem to be more components involved, making it hard to pin down the issue.

Also, the internet connection being flaky here at Debconf is a problem for rebuilding the debian-installer. I'll do some more tests when I can (new images already exists, but the bug isn't gone yet).

mak renamed this task from Initial Install: No Mouse During Install to OEM Install: Mouse and keyboard not working.Aug 11 2017, 16:11
mak triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.
mak added a comment.Aug 16 2017, 18:55

Okay, the initial Debian bug that KiBi fixed was not the one we had in PureOS, but the exact same bug is affecting Debian now.
This issue is highly unstable in when it shows, but is at least reproducible with the same configuration of packages. Cyril is trying for find the cause of the problem by bisecting with Debian snapshots, and I am more randomly poking it to maybe find the cause of this issue.

mak added a comment.EditedAug 18 2017, 21:51

We know the culprit now. As expected, it's in udev:

mladen added a subscriber: mladen.EditedAug 19 2017, 01:05

Can we build our PureOS iso with the old udev udebs for now, as a workaround?

mak added a comment.Aug 19 2017, 08:02

That is impossible, since that would mean we need to downgrade our kernel, which we can't (ever) do.
Fortunately, this bug is easy to fix, now that we know the cause.

mak closed this task as Resolved.Aug 19 2017, 12:57

This is resolved now in the latest PureOS images (requires systemd >= 234-2pureos1)