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Aug 22 2019, 03:14 (113 w, 4 d)

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Feb 19 2021

ChriChri added a comment to T486: Pipe key producing # on Librem 13 v2, v3 UK and DE model devices.

Commit disabled the Purism keyboard rules in systemd upstream.

Feb 19 2021, 00:11

Apr 23 2020

ChriChri added a comment to T797: Package ungoogled-chromium.

wondering whether chromium (not the ungoogled variant) complies with FSF endorsement. Discussion ongoing in the forum...

Apr 23 2020, 00:37 · Restricted Project

Aug 23 2019

ChriChri created T812: doc about LibremKey on needs to be updated.
Aug 23 2019, 01:32 · Restricted Project