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[FREEDOM ISSUE] openexr-doc - Includes embedded nonfree fonts in the documentation
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Package: openexr-doc
Tag: [semifree]
Short description: Includes embedded nonfree fonts in the documentation
Proposed solution: rebuild
Notes: Rebuild with pdf files recreated. Instructions provided withing the Parabola's openexr PKGBUILD file (under mksource()):

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Parabola build routines declares individual docx source files as additional sources in its rpms metadata.

Debian cannot use plain files as sources (only tarballs), so we need another approach.

Also, while Parabola addresses the reported issue of non-free fonts, the docx files embed images generated from other sources, which should be included and used instead.


  • Minimal solution: Rebuild openexr suppressing build of binary package openexr-doc.
  • Better solution: Include sources for both documents and their images, and generate documentation from that.
jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.EditedNov 1 2017, 19:47

Fixed package released - should reach green in 24 hours.