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WiFi adapter not found
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Hi fellow PureOS users,

I am trying to install PureOS on my girlfriends HP Stream laptop. The WiFi icon does not exist and when I searched for WiFi on PureOS, it said that 'WiFi adapter not found'. Please help. I did manage to install Pure OS onto my own laptop though.


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ringonz created this task.Oct 3 2020, 18:53

Do you know what model your Wifi adapter is? It may require proprietary drivers to function which we do not include in PureOS.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 6 2020, 09:31

Good morning, i have installed Linux PureOS in pc but the WiFi icon does not exist on PureOS, it said that 'WiFi adapter not found. I have a High Gain Wireless Usb adapter TP-LINK, TL-WN722N, V1.10. I´ m new in Linux. Please help me.

Thank you

jonas.smedegaard changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.May 27 2021, 08:22
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@FaiscaOS Please create a separate issue report - even if it seems similar, there are many different wifi devices.

@ringonz Please provide more details about the failing wifi device, otherwise we are unable to help you any further.