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possibly non-free software suggested by Gnome Software
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Visiting the software installer home page in PureOS Hephaestus 9.0, I found a couple of programs suggested automatically, tagged like "proprietary". Here there are some screenshots of them:

  1. AnyDesk:

Screenshot of the program

Website of the program:

Proprietary tag:

  1. Adobe Flash Player:

Screenshot of the program

Website of the program:

Proprietary tag:

I think the Adobe Flash Player is a serious issue, because some people are mentally attached to it, due to its wide spread use in the past. But anyway, if they are really non-free software, those programs shouldn't be suggested by PureOS.

Sorry in advance for my English.

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Hello @elratonperez

Do you have any flatpak applications installed? First time you install a Flatpak application from Flathub, it asks you if you want to add Flathub repository to your software sources.

It is one of those yes or no questions, and flathub does have non free applications in it's store.

Could you please run in the terminal application Tilix the following command:

flatpak remote-list

And paste he output here, in this ticket.

This will allow to check of flathub is added as a software source in your system.

Hi Joao.

This is the output of Tilix to flatpak remote-list:

Nombre Opciones
flathub system
gnome-nightly system

Hi @elratonperez

This shows that you have the Flathub third party repository added to your system:

flathub system

Possibly it was added when you installed a flatpak application from Flathub?

After Flathub is added Flathub applications are visible from the GNOME Software center including the non free applications provided by Flathub

I would say this is the cause of this issue.

Thanks a lot Joao.

So it seems that instead of a problem of PureOS, I created my own problem adding third party repositories. Thanks a lot for your time and for your orientation. I hope this task helps to other people who face similar situations.

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