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External screens (HDMI) only up to fullHD - no 4k at all
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A user reported in our forums:

I tried that some time ago (back in May IIRC) and it worked on the 4k TV we have in the office. I tried that with my L13 laptop and my home built kernel and Todd tried with his L13 and vanilla PureOS and both presented 4k@30Hz options. Current PureOS with PureOS kernel and upgrade 5.3 kernel does not come present a 4k option in Gnome. I checked with edid-decode, the screen is properly detected and 4k resolutions are defined in EDID.

I tried on some laptops here locally, I am pretty sure this is unrelated to hardware. I can not exactly pinpoint the time of breakage though. Interesting the latest PureOS booted from USB does work (IIRC this is the latest ISO).

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nicole created this task.Sep 18 2019, 12:36
nicole added a comment.Sep 19 2019, 18:17

This is getting weirder and weirder, just tried the same USB stick on a L15V4 I got in hands and it also does not detect the 4k@30Hz which makes me start to believe it is not software (i.e. PureOS) related. Need to investigate more.

mladen added a subscriber: mladen.Oct 23 2019, 09:08

@nicole We are already tracking this here:

siraaj added a subscriber: siraaj.Nov 24 2019, 12:26