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PureBrowser - too new for stable (Debian Buster based) system
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PureBrowser 68.x was released to PureOS just before PureOS was changed to stabilize and track Debian Buster.

Debian Buster ships with Firefox ESR 60.x (not 68.x) and there is known incompatibilities (see T814) and other structural changes (see e.g. T817).

We should revert to PureBrowser 60.x.

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jonas.smedegaard created this task.

Fixing this awaits Debian package maintainers for firefox-esr to release their git sources for the newest bugfix release firefox-esr 60.9.0esr-1~deb10u1

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Although most security patches have been backported to 60.x, I'm pleading against reverting to 60.x because we will be missing out on important feature updates and other enhancements.

This issue is not about feature updates or enhancements.

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jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Sep 18 2019, 08:31

PureBrowser is now downgraded to 60.x in PureOS amber.