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GNOME Boxes: "User is not in kvm group" error on startup
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When first starting GNOME Boxes on a clean install I get this error:

Obviously that's not a great experience, so we should probably just add users to the kvm group by default.

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tbernard created this task.Mar 1 2019, 14:00

From a user experience POV it would be better to not be bothered like this.

From a security POV however, I suspect it is not worse to silently grant users access rights weakening their systems and arguably needed only for development purposes.

The current user experience of a popup was added as a patch by @chris.lamb - see T292 for more info on that.

jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Mar 1 2019, 17:10
tbernard added a comment.Mar 2 2019, 06:01

What are the security implications of adding users to the kvm group?

Also, if we deem this to be a developer-only app, we should just not ship it by default, and add the user to the kvm group when they install the app.

@tbernard I suggest you repeat your question to ensure that the others tracking the original bug which this is a duplicate/mirror of hears it. You might also want to read the backlog, as they might have already answered your question ;-)