Encrypted disk not found during boot
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I upgrade and full-upgrade my Librem 15v3 every other day or so. The last two times I had the following problem when I tried to reboot after full-upgrade: I would not be shown a prompt to enter my disk encryption password. Switching to verbose (with ESC) I saw this:

WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning. 
Volume "crypt" not found. 
Cannot process volume group crypt. 
cryptsetup: Waiting for encrypted source device UUID=[some address]

Then after maybe 20 minutes:

[  569.180755] random: crng init done
	ALERT! encrypted source device UUID=[some address] does not exit, can't unlock sda5_crypt. 
	Check cryptopts=source= bootarg: cat /proc/cmdline
	or missing modules, devices: cat /proc/modules; ls /dev


I rebooted several times, tried various kernel versions, with and without recover mode. Then, maybe at the sixths trial, all of a sudden I would get a prompt to enter the encryption password (I think in recover mode). After that everything seems fine again, but I am afraid this will happen again when I reboot the system.

How to find the root of this problem, and how to fix it? Thanks a lot for any help!

EDIT: The content of /etc/crypttab is this:

sda5_crypt UUID=fd2a8340-c474-40e6-9be2-0e06e5762857 none luks
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I had this issue on the OEM version of PureOS 8 Beta 1, Librem 15 v3. I ended up doing a full reinstall of PureOS.

My suspicion is that it relates to LUKS and the swap partition... as the UUID I saw in errors was related to that.

It would not let me boot with any of the fixes mentioned for this or similar issues, and using a "gparted live" (debian) USB key didn't fix the situation, even after fsck on all drives and reformatting swap.

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I have a brandnew Librem 13 and installed the newest available PureOS version. Updated it in full and now it doesn't boot in normal or recovery mode, so I suppose it will be quite easy to replicate this issue..

First EDIT: I use a NVMe (970 Pro from Samsung) harddrive, maybe this is the reason for this issue?

Second EDIT: Reinstalled PureOS and upgraded it with apt-get instead of apt and used dist-upgrade instead of upgrade as the parameter. It's working now.

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