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Password Safe showing Proprietary in GNOME Software
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Password Safe is showing as red Proprietary in GNOME Software when it should be free software, since it is in PureOS proper and I believe it to be under a free software license.

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todd created this task.Sep 9 2018, 10:44
mak added a subscriber: mak.Sep 9 2018, 11:01

What is displayed if you click on the red "Proprietary" field?

Password Safe as shipped upstream contains code which has been removed from Debian redistribution due to its licensing.

It seems to me that either...
a) GNOME Software shows upstream information which is inaccurate for the Debian package, or
b) you have permitted GNOME to download software from different sources than PureOS, or
c) PureOS by default permits downloading software from different sources than PureOS.

In case of a) this is only a cosmetic bug. In case of b) there is no bug at all. In case of c) this is a severe bug!

jonas.smedegaard lowered the priority of this task from Freedom Issue to Low.
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.

Ah, the version in the screenshot indicates that it is the Debian package which gets installed.

That means it is a) i.e. just a cosmetic issue.

Lowering severity accordingly, and assigning to @mak who is more familiar with AppStream which is likely involved here.

mak added a comment.Sep 9 2018, 17:05

I can't reproduce this issue - the software is shown as "Free" for me.
Which version of gnome-software do you have installed? (apt list gnome-software)

todd added a comment.EditedSep 9 2018, 17:42
gnome-software/now 3.28.1-1 amd64 [installed,local]
N: There is 1 additional version. Please use the '-a' switch to see it
todd@librem-13v2:~$ apt list -a gnome-software
Listing... Done
gnome-software/now 3.28.1-1 amd64 [installed,local]
gnome-software/green 3.28.0-1pureos1 amd64


Trying a dist-upgrade now...

Ahh, I must have picked up a debian version previously when testing, and pureos is behind it. I will resolve as closed in PureOS.

mak closed this task as Invalid.Sep 9 2018, 17:59

Your PureOS is tainted. The only versions of gnome-software that we include in PureOS are:

gnome-software | 3.28.0-1pureos1 | green      | source, amd64, arm64
gnome-software | 3.28.0-1pureos1 | landing    | source, amd64, arm64
gnome-software | 3.28.0-1pureos1 | purple     | source, amd64, arm64

The PureOS specific change includes exactly a difference to recognized things from the pureos-main archive as free.
Please reinstall your system to ensure that you actually only have stuff we ship in PureOS, and make sure that no non-PureOS sources exist in your sources.list.
The output of apt list suggests a manual installation of a foreign gnome-software package (highly likely from Debian), but it could also be that it was updated once and the source it came from has been removed meanwhile (if you know that you manually updated gnome-software that is fine, in this case you would need to reset the package and can maybe avoid a reinstallation).

todd added a comment.Sep 9 2018, 18:02
In T571#10542, @mak wrote:

Your PureOS is tainted.

Yes, I noticed that as well from your command; I pulled in some packages from debian for testing and forgot to purge those. Thank you!