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Upload megadown package into Debian
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The megadown package, that I have created locally, needs to be uploaded to Debian. However, I can't do that myself, as I'm not a Debian Developer. This bug will deal with the process of getting the package uploaded.

First question: I have to first report an ITP bug to Debian for my package. One of the questions asked for ITP is:

  • how do you plan to maintain it? inside a packaging team (check list at are you looking for co-maintainers? do you need a sponsor?

What exactly should I enter here? Reference the PureOS Debian team somehow (link to ?) or...?

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chris.lamb added a subscriber: chris.lamb.

[Assinging ticket back]

The PureOS Debian team does not exist (yet) so referencing that now is likely to be misleading/confusing. Thus I would simply state that you plan to maintain it closely with Debian Developers associated with PureOS or a similar-sounding phrase.

With regard to seeking co-maintainers or sponsors I would just mention you are not seeking a sponsor at this time. (I will sponsor it unless you have objections).

Thanks. I have subscribed to this bug.

Given that my package is essentially ready, do you need to check it first before I upload it there? If so, which files do you need to see?

@vivia.nikolaidou Excellent question. I suggest you upload it directly to - that way you follow the process "just like" a regular contributor. I can comment on the package there.

(To answer your question though, you would upload the .dsc, the orig tarball and the debian.tar to somewhere web-accessible, and then link me the .dsc... but this is handled by

Thanks! Uploaded, please feedback there!

Sorry - my bad, had forgotten to upload my key. It's there now, but I saw some complaints from lintian. I'll fix those first, but in the meantime, if you can give me feedback, I'd be grateful!

vivia.nikolaidou added a comment.EditedJul 30 2018, 08:43

OK - errors fixed, most warnings fixed!

I did not see you had updated - there is no notificatin system there. Can you ensure that you ping back here when you post on there?

(i've just updated my comments there)

vivia.nikolaidou added a comment.EditedAug 6 2018, 11:37

Thanks, just uploaded the new version there, should be visible in a few minutes. Both packages should be visible - I fixed the "-+" from the version number, so it's not the same version, so both should?.. be there at the same time.

EDIT: Should probably write a man page now, but other comments are welcome. :)

Oops, I had a typo in my watch file so now I need to delete the whole package, including the previous comments. :(

Why are you deleting the package every time? That does not seem the usual approach or at least it has never been required before.

I fixed the "-+" from the version number, so it's not the same version, so both should

Don't follow that, sorry..

Why are you deleting the package every time? That does not seem the usual approach or at least it has never been required before.

Because I'm not changing the version number. I tried uploading a package where one with the same version already existed and it didn't notice that the second one was different, so the only way I found to get around it was to delete the package. Is there another way that I couldn't figure out?

I fixed the "-+" from the version number, so it's not the same version, so both should

Don't follow that, sorry..

See above - if the initial version had an extra dash, it was detected as a different version, different filename, so I didn't need to delete the old package to upload the new one.

I'll also need a longer while to upload the new version, because now I actually need to sit down and write the man page. I'll let you know once this is done.


Why are you deleting the package every time?

Because I'm not changing the version number.

Ah, sorry, mentors is kinda strange and I'm not aware of all of its quirks!

Any update on this? :)

Ported it to python3! Just busy (and a bit confused) writing the manpage, but I don't expect it to take very long anymore :)

Wouldn't spend too long on the manpage -it is not 100% required.

But don't we still have problems re. contrib? It's not really going to be really suitable for PureOS...

Oh thanks! Then I'll just submit it without the manpage for now.

Pasting from Riot (now I understand why you told me to keep the conversations in one place!)
(dated 2018-08-06)
seems to me the way forward is to maintain the code in contrib, for use with tools
but if it's in contrib it can't be in pureOS, or what am I missing?
i.e. .deb packages shipped from the domain (not the ethical domain)
same as the binary blob resulting from building the coreboot image
same hosting as, I mean

Does that work?

Otherwise, the package is almost ready - just need to double-check that I'm not missing anything stupid and then update it. I'll do so tomorrow morning if not tonight.

Alas, I'm afraid I don't 100% follow that conversation. What does @jonas.smedegaard mean by "same hosting" - as in, upload directly to *PureOS* or for it to go via Debian.

And yes please, everything on the tracker (!).

He meant for it to go via Debian ("maintain the code in contrib") I think, but let's see what he says - I'm not too familiar with all these things.

Anyway, uploaded again - without a watch file this time (there are no releases anyway so the watch file wouldn't work), and still without the manpage. Let me know!

I mean that if the code is not suitable for Debian main (which our previous conversation at Riot seemed to indicate), then a) maintain it in Debian contrib, and b) have Purism redistribute it (not as part of PureOS, but) from the domain.

have Purism redistribute it (not as part of PureOS, but) from the domain.

Can you clarify exactly what "it" refers to here? (The source packaging repo? the built .debs? etc.)

jonas.smedegaard added a comment.EditedAug 17 2018, 03:36

it == any and all code is source or binary or deb-packaged form which happen to be not suitable for Debian main

More generally, I am talking about the concept of Purism distributing software _separately_ from PureOS. Which is a project irrelevant and unsuitable for this tracker to discuss:

This tracker should only really discuss PureOS and how things unfit for PureOS should be _avoided_.

(And sure, was just clarifying the "floating" pronoun there...)

@vivia.nikolaidou Remind me again why this is headed for contrib? AIUI this is "just" a generic downloader for the sites, similar in kind to youtube-dl or even wget. I do see "closed protocol" given as a justification but it is not different (alas) than any of the third-party cloud infrastructure / Google / Yahoo / Dropbox APIs which are 100% free software.

In other words, it is not a specific wrapper like "torbrowser-launcher" whose only purpose is to download stuff from outside Debian.

If I am right, then there is no need for this to be in contrib.

@vivia.nikolaidou What's the latest on this? Would love to get this settled up either way!

@chris.lamb Sorry - was on vacation last week. :)

Yes you do understand correctly, it's just a generic downloader for the sites. It's indeed similar to youtube-dl or even wget. So if there's no need for this to be in contrib, yay, I'll un-flag it!

Otherwise I do have it uploaded, though standards-version slipped out of date again. Most relevant remaining lintian warnings are debian-watch-file-is-missing and binary-without-manpage, which we discussed and thought we'd live with both for now. If you agree, I'd upload a new version with a correct standards-version and remove the contrib flag from it, then you can feedback on that again.

Thanks a lot!

@vivia.nikolaidou Please go ahead and drop the "contrib" etc. and let me know where I can do the review/upload. (Note that the very latest lintian is for 4.2.1... but I assume you are running Lintian from Debian sid...)

Yes indeed, I am running lintian from Debian sid.

Package is uploaded: , please review!

Just had a look - thanks! So, if you're running Lintian from sid then I don't understand why you still have:

Standards-Version: 4.1.4

(I also see you have X-Python-Version: >= 3.5 - how come? I would remove this.)

Otherwise ready to upload..

Thanks, reuploaded! I just got confused because complains that 4.2.1 is too new and needs 4.1.4, but I am indeed getting 4.2.1 from lintian in sid.

This comment was removed by jonas.smedegaard.

I just got confused because complains that 4.2.1 is too new

(Don't rely on lintian in It is not updated as soon as Lintian is.)

Lets keep this bug open until we see this in PureOS.

It's in debian testing now.

megadown is now in PureOS, so closing. Thanks. Let me know if you need to update a new version, naturally.

lamby@470bfef2f189(lamby-pureos-green):~% apt-cache policy megadown
Get:1 green InRelease [10.5 kB]
Get:2 green/main Sources [7660 kB]
Get:3 green/main amd64 Packages [8714 kB]                            
Fetched 16.4 MB in 13s (1289 kB/s)                                                              
Reading package lists... Done

  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 0~20180705+git83c53dd-1
  Version table:
     0~20180705+git83c53dd-1 500
        500 green/main amd64 Packages
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